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At Futuregrip, we aim to share best practices and approaches to AI with as many people as possible. Our Founders are regularly involved in creating podcasts and media to help educate about AI.

We delved into the intricate role of the Chief Data Officer, explored the ever-evolving landscape of data, and discussed challenges in mindset, the future outlook, and the evolving position of the role within executive teams. With Jeremiah Mannings, Katarina Dulanovic, Tanya Green, Michaela Shea, Grant Case, and Josh Heid.

Youtube & Sit-Down website

In this engaging conversation, Intelligen's Chief Technology Officer, Adam Morton, engages in a captivating chat with Jeremiah Mannings about his career contributions and achievements.


How to manage a data team within a growing company with Jeremiah Mannings, Abhay Chauhan, Arjun Sivadasan and Tai Elliott. Covering actionable steps to increase gender diversity in teams, implementing and monitoring growth and development of engineers, and how to balance allocating exciting and innovative projects versus addressing critical less glamorous tasks.

Evolution website

Exploring the world of data and my journey, building D&A teams at scale, and navigating the world of data consulting with Emily Nota & Joel Robinstein.

Youtube & Spotify

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